True stories

Real people, with a true story to tell.

People who have a distinctive personality that comes out in their style.

Stories like Peter’s, who decided to move to Puglia from Scandinavia to open an organic farm. His style is the result of the encounter between two different cultures, declined with elegance and originality.

Ludovica works as a stylist in Milan, she aims to make people meet with aesthetics and images that arise from her constant search for expressive languages, ​​capable to express an authentic cultural message.

Giorgio lives his strong bond with the territory reinterpreting everyday the traditional style following a contemporary and recognizable vision.

Elisabetta is a former Olympic swimming athlete, she has always managed to combine the values ​​of sport with those of fashion in a determined and elegant personality.

Craig is a photographer who believes in the power of images and in the strength of a story in which words are not indispensable. He is constantly looking for an inspiration, a feeling that leads him to often travel to feed his art with new horizons.

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